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DOLE Laguna Commends Provincial PESO For National Search for Best PESO Win


Christmas came as early as December 8th for Laguna PESO PESO winning the National Search for Best PESO.  The recognition was personally given by DOLE Regional Director Henry John S. Jalbuena during the agency’s anniversary. It was held at the San Pablo Central Gymnasium in San Pablo City. 

“Let our accomplishments speak for our office,” Ms. Mary Jane B. Corcuera, Laguna Provincial PESO Officer, would always remind her staff not only to get the job done, but to do it well in the name of the office.

The Laguna Provincial PESO started small with an office comprised of two employees. Soon, the family grew bigger as the office acquired more funds for its growing number of employment projects. Walking down the memory lane, the local PESO matriarch recalled:

“With various programs and activities, the office was also able to deliver remarkable output. This has led to additional budget appropriated year after year. Without a doubt, the way to get noticed is to render quality work.”

It is one thing to have funds to work on, and it is another thing to actually make it work. For years, the office was able to build a network out of partnership with government agencies and other organizations. This is why the local PESO was able to pull off big projects and deliver exemplary results.

Like its physical office outside the capitol compound, the Laguna Provincial PESO has been an independent arm of the local government. It is self-reliant when it comes to laying down employment projects, programs and activities. Given the experience and dedication of its chief, the office has got it all figured out all year long.

Despite the many challenges, Ms. Corcuera has long gotten herself familiar with the rigors of the job. She knows what it takes to get the job done. According to her:

“The Public Employment Service Office is so much different from other offices. Here, you have to be a visionary that is innovative and creative. Unlike other offices where work is routine, PESO allows you to design your own program and strategies, and then innovate.”

While the local PESO has completely immersed itself with its various functions, DOLE Laguna will always have its back. Dir. Guido R. Recio of the DOLE Laguna Provincial Office is determined to keep its commitment in the partnership. The latest achievement of the Laguna PESO is only a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of the collaboration between the two.

From planning, implementation and reporting of monthly accomplishments, there is technical assistance provided by DOLE Laguna’s employment focal, Ms. Daisy R. Ramos. Recently, she has recognized top-performing PESOs including the Laguna Provincial PESO.

 For an office endowed with hard work and innovation, this is only the beginning. There are more blessings to come along with each accomplishment that could speak for a job well done. A warm congratulations, this would sum it all.




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