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“Is there a second part after this?” A participant remarked after the webinar sponsored by the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC) with special topics from DOLE Laguna Provincial Office and Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board (RCMB) IV-A.

Regional Director Henry John S. Jalbuena believes in the importance of labor education in achieving compliance with labor laws across the region especially in Laguna where several industrial zones can be found.

This year, ECC through the initiative of Ms. Ruby Ann J. Fajardo, Information Officer II, sponsored a learning session at Laguna International Industrial Park in collaboration with DOLE Laguna and RCMB IV-A.

The activity featured timely topics such as Employees Compensation Benefits, Payment of Wages and Other Monetary Benefits Through Transaction Accounts, and Labor Management Cooperation.

In times of pandemic when COVID-19 has posed serious health risks, the ECC has been actively promoting awareness on how to claim cash assistance. Securing EC benefit depends on the factual consideration of causal relationship between the disease and the work environment. The disease must have been acquired at the workplace to successfully qualify as a beneficiary.

With a thorough discussion of EC benefits, employers can better assist workers suffering from work-related injuries and illnesses. There was also a short presentation of workers who successfully availed of the financial assistance. But as the EC tagline goes, “Di bale ng hindi ako mabiyayan ng Employees Compensation Program, huwag lang ako magkasakit at maaksidente ng dahil sa trabaho.” 

The concerns are not limited to health and safety but go as far as economic. Social distancing and other restrictions called for innovative measures that Labor Advisory No. 26 Series of 2020 was released by DOLE. This advisory entitled, “Payment of Wages and Other Monetary Benefits Through Transaction Accounts,” encourages the use of digital fund transfer channel to lessen physical contact. It was discussed by Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio who not only expounded on the benefits of online transactions but also shared a bit about financial literacy.

With several workers temporarily and permanently laid off, misunderstandings between employer and employees are inevitable. The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board IV-A Chief, Director Jay Jasper B. Javines introduced The Why and How of Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) to strengthen labor relations at the plant level. LMC focal and Supervising Labor and Employment Officer, Ms. Luzviminda R. Dela Cruz put emphasis on open communication to develop and nurture employee-employer relations. 

Participants raised questions during the open forum addressed to the panel of resource speakers. They were able to hear the answers straight from the office heads along with some pieces of advice on how to deal with the situation. While RCMB Director Javines underscored the significance of collaboration between labor and management, Laguna Provincial Director Recio added that respect would be a substantial element as well.

Whether there will be a second part, it will depend whether there are updates underway, which is not far-fetched, given DOLE’s efforts to cope with the challenging times.

By Rudyboy R. Sinay


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