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Green Pastures Now Within Reach with PESO Laguna’s PLEIS


With the development and implementation of the PESO Laguna Employment and Information System (PLEIS), there is no need to hop from one company to another for a glimpse of green pasture which was pioneered by the local PESO through the marching mandate of Laguna Governor Ramil H. Hernandez.

Straight from graduation via Zoom, fresh graduates can start looking for jobs in Laguna online. All it takes is registration to get started. Next thing they know, there is already a schedule of initial interview not only in one company but several others.

The platform also welcomes experienced applicants who might not be internet-savvy but definitely proficient on the work’s technical know-how. They can always keep their career options open by getting into the database.  A job offer will surely find its way.

With at least ten industrial zones in the province, there is an abundance of job vacancies from small, medium, and large manufacturing companies. The nature of the jobs would vary from production to office operations so that everyone could get a slice of the pie. Jobs will depend on the number of registered establishments participating in the system.

On 5 February 2021, DOLE Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio joined the Laguna PESO team and guests during the countdown for the grand launching of PLEIS as he remarked, “Laguna once again got the first place when it comes to innovation with this pioneer online job referral and placement system.”

The statement of Dir. Recio was reiterated by Governor Hernandez who related the province’s tagline, “Laguna, Laging Una!” in his speech after the ceremonial pressing of the red button to signify opening of the PLEIS.

Such a historic moment happens to be another feather in the cap of the Laguna PESO headed by Ms. Mary Jane B. Corcuerra who has been tirelessly introducing innovative employment projects and programs.  For instance, the PLEIS is an offshoot of the Laguna Employment Hub that provides local employment services on a virtual platform. Perhaps this is the reason why the PESO has also been an awardee in the National Search for Best PESO last year.                                                                                                                 

While the system intends to make the process easier, it is still up to the applicant to prepare for the rest of the recruitment procedures. This would mean having the communication skills to go through an actual interview. Perhaps it would ease the jitters to know that some interviews are being done via zoom instead of the usual face-to-face one. 

It might be hard to ace an interview the first time but it is not far from impossible. The Laguna PESO in partnership with DOLE Laguna has also been providing labor education for graduating students, career guidance and employment coaching. All these activities being monitored by DOLE Laguna Employment Focal Daisy G. Ramos help students gain not only some hard skills but also some soft skills needed at work. 

Thanks to PLEIS! Now there is an ever-expanding green pasture of dream jobs in just one click made possible by PLEIS.


Rudyboy R. Sinay


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