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The story of Cinderella has enthralled countless generations. The heroine suffered a lot from her evil stepsisters and their equally cruel step mother. Her saving grace is her magical godmother who made sure Cinderella meets her Prince Charming.  Like all fairy tales, Cinderella and her Prince    live happily ever after. The twist in the plot that enthralled readers is the glass shoe she left at the ball. The story evolved around that shoe until it found its way back to Cinderella and back in the arms of her Prince Charming.

One is reminded of this fairy tale in a very recent incident in Bgry. Canlalay Binan, Laguna involving an alleged case of illegal recruitment.

DOLE Laguna Provincial Office under the leadership of PD Guido R.  Recio received reports of the activities of RCVA Manpower Services located at a commercial building in Bgry, Canlalay, Biñan, Laguna . Verification of Facebook posts revealed that it has victimized applicants and charging P1,500 for medical exams.

PD Recio immediately formed a team on 9 February 2021 to immediately conduct labor inspection. When the team arrived at their office, the deployment officer was conducting orientation to about fifteen applicants. The manager Rosalie Alcala could not present their license to operate, as well as, barangay and city permits to operate their business. The Agency was served a Notice of Result with the finding that it is operating without a valid Private Employment Agency (PEA) without a License as required under  Department Order No. 216 Series of 2020 on the “Rules and Regulations Governing Recruitment and Placement of Industry Workers By Private Employment Agencies For Local Employment.”

Interviews conducted with the applicants showed that they learned of the agency through Facebook. They would be required to attend the orientation, go to a certain clinic for medical worth P1,500.00, and then, return to RCVA for their letter of recommendation to a company located in LTI, Biñan, Laguna. The team requested the applicants to submit their biodata for referral to legitimate agencies or companies.  

For good measure, the inspection team reported the incident to the barangay and coordinated with the Biñan City Public Employment Service Office for assistance in looking for jobs.

Meanwhile, DOLE Calabarzon Assistant Regional Director Atty. Nepomuceno A. Leano II, made sure that the team complied with the labor inspection process in dealing with the case of RCVA Manpower saying: “We must go by the book in handling this case under the Revised Rules on Labor Laws Compliance System.”     

To serve the Notice of Results, the team visited RCVA for the second time around.  It was already closed, silent and empty the moment the officers arrived on site. The usual horde of applicants was gone. A chat with the building owner led to the exodus episode earlier when the staff hurriedly left the office as soon as the barangay officials came knocking. Peeking inside from the glass window, one could see the pile of biodata on the table submitted by the victims. There was even a laptop which was being used by the manager. When the team took a closer look, a pair of ladies shoes was left under the table, just like Cinderella who left one of her shoes in haste at midnight .

On the payment of the P1,500  medical fee, The DOLE Team inspected the laboratory clinic  involved in the scam. The owner has agreed to refund the whole amount. So far, he has refunded the medical fee to four applicants. PD Recio is urging all the victims to coordinate with DOLE Laguna for the reimbursement of medical fee and assistance should the victims decide to file a criminal case for illegal recruitment.   

For Regional Director Exequiel Ronie A. Guzman, he remarked in jest:

“This is a different kind of Cinderella story that jobseekers should be aware of. They should be vigilant by checking with the PESO or DOLE on the legitimacy of employment agencies.”

Joking aside, he stressed that he will not tolerate the existence and operation of illegal recruiters in Calabarzon.    

Now, the pair of shoes stands as a silent witness to the hasty escape of the manager and staff of RCVA Manpower Services. Fortunately, DOLE Laguna added a happy ending.



Rudyboy R. Sinay
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