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Different Times, Different Brand of SPES for Cabuyao City PESO

When times are changing, when circumstances go out of hand, there is always the learning opportunity that goes along with the ability of communities to adapt and eventually take back control.

The Cabuyao City Government led by Mayor Rommel A. Gecolea through the Public Employment Service Office recognizes the need to be responsive to current social conditions in the process of implementing its many programs and activities. 

As soon as it was safe to start deployment of beneficiaries under the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES), it has never been more prepared  with the grand plan already laid down to integrate the program into special community projects for a meaningful work experience.

The local PESO has aligned its SPES implementation with local government initiatives on how to prevent and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the community.

Regional Director Exequiel Ronie Guzman remarked,

“It was interesting to learn that the Special Program for the Employment of Students has been made more impactful by the Cabuyao City PESO through relevant projects formulated to address the needs of the community in a time so challenging as this one.”

While most households would receive rice and canned goods as relief packages, Cabuyao City residents would get a pack of green produce straight from the farm to their household kitchens not to mention the bamboo face masks and face shields.

The green giveaways were harvested from the Farmer Field School where workers joined by out-of-school youth SPES beneficiaries would spend the entire day weeding, fertilizing and watering plants. Although the experience might be different from the office setting, it provides the necessary skills should the youth intend to delve into agricultural venture later.  Besides, it pays off to commune with nature away from the busy metropolitan.

Among these out-of-school youth SPES beneficiaries is Rizza Mae Garcia, a single mother, who would describe her typical day at the farm as,

“Ang kadalasang ginagawa naming dito sa farm ay pagdidilig at pagtitimpla ng abono para sa mga halaman at saka yung paghaharvest ng talong, kamatis, sili. 

As a takeaway, she learned the value of teamwork from the daily farm work saying, “Hindi mo matatapos yung isang gawain kung hindi kayo tulong tulong.”

Meanwhile, some SPES beneficiaries were assigned in the bamboo framed face shield and face mask production. One of the production leaders, Kristian Andrei Leynes, has the responsibility of assigning and teach team members on each step of the production process. He would steam the bamboo materials, too.

The bamboo framed face mask and face shield have been the signature PPE of the local government of Cabuyao City. With locally available materials, it was possible to make handcrafted protective equipment that is simple and safe for use.

There is also a group of SPES beneficiaries engaged in entrepreneurship mapping to assess the livelihood needs of people in the community. DOLE Laguna Provincial Office Director Guido R. Recio has long been in partnership with the Local Government of Cabuyao through the City PESO to facilitate livelihood grants to individuals and workers associations. Other agencies also involved are TESDA and DTI.

More than anything else, the SPES paved the way for a differently-abled student who has remarkable accomplishments not only in school but also in the community.

Meet John Henrick Bagamano, who suffered from permanent spine injury due to an accident back when he was ten years old, but has managed to overcome his shortcomings by working harder than anyone in his class. So far, he has earned good grades at the Laguna State Polytechnic University as a third year student with straight A’s for a degree in Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Science.

Personally handpicked by the head of the City PWD Affairs Office, Mr. Bagamano found himself serving clients not foreign to his condition. His daily task includes encoding and sorting of PWD profiles. And he did not disappoint that the office intends to have him once again on board under the SPES this year.

 The Cabuyao City PESO has also been providing its SPES beneficiaries with workshops, seminars and trainings every Friday to develop their hard and soft skills. City PESO Officer, Mr. Christian Benedict T. Bueno has also been regularly collaborating with DOLE Laguna Employment Focal, Ms. Daisy G. Ramos for effective labor education and career coaching. This way, the students can be job-ready the moment they decide to apply for work.

With the success of SPES implementation in 2020, there is no doubt that the Cabuyao City SPES has adapted to the challenging times with the hope of replicating the remarkable milestone this year.


Rudyboy R. Sinay
Senior LEO/LIO
Director's Corner

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