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Knowing the importance of providing a systematic and feasible path to eliminate COVID-19 in the workplace, DOLE Quezon Provincial Office (DOLE QPO) conducted a health and safety protocol orientation against COVID-19 on May 24, 2021.

Engr. Alwin Boncodin, one of DOLE QPO’s resident engineers, facilitated the orientation. According to him:

“COVID-19 has transformed the world of work. While infections are continuing to rise in many parts of the country, including the CALABARZON region, we, as government employees play a key role in reinforcing the progress made in lessening infection rates by ensuring health and safety in our workplace.”

“This requires cooperation and coordinated action amongst all of us, as unsafe work practices anywhere pose a threat to health everywhere,” he added.

DOLE CALABARZON’s Health and Safety Protocol is in line with DOLE Administrative Order No. 117 series of 2020 and DOLE-DTI Supplemental Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19. The program was developed to protect employees from COVID-19 and to adapt procedures and changes brought by the pandemic.

The said health and safety program which applies to all DOLE IV-A employees aims to promote work-life balance through proper scheduling of activities and workforce rotation. It limits the capacity of all the offices of DOLE CALABARZON on a daily basis based on the quarantine levels implemented in the area.

The guidelines include the wearing of facemasks and face shields while inside the workplace, physical distancing, frequent handwashing, provision of adequate ventilation, conduct of advocacy awareness, restriction on mass gatherings, accomplishment of online/manual health declaration, among others.

Engr. Boncodin also mentioned that the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) provides a package of benefits for public and private sector employees and their families in the event of work-connected sickness, injury or death. The benefits also extend to workers who contracted COVID-19 by reason of their employment or working environment which include loss of income benefits, medical benefits and cash assistance. Furthermore, a funeral benefit amounting to Php30,000 plus death benefits, is given to the family of an employee who dies because of the virus.

Also included in the orientation is the cash assistance provided by DOLE IV-A Employees’ Union for member employees who will be tested positive of COVID-19. P10,000 will be given to severe cases, P3,000 for moderate cases and P2,000 for non-members.

Furthermore, DOLE QPO launched its new employee program dubbed as “Tabang QPO sa Panahon ng COVID-19”. In this program, any interested member from among the DOLE QPO personnel will contribute a certain amount each payday. Said amount will later be given to a DOLE QPO employee who will undergo quarantine or who will be tested positive with the virus. Aside from the cash assistance, 10 kilos of rice and a get-well-soon basket of goods will be provided to each employee who will undergo quarantine.

In his message, DOLE QPO Head Edwin T. Hernandez stated that all DOLE QPO personnel should understand the new safety procedures implemented in our office. This will provide us with important information to maintain a safe work environment.

“We should follow this health and safety protocol very seriously. COVID-19 prevention is the paramount goal of our office. It is important that all of us should make safety an integral part of our regular function,” he added.

At the end of the orientation, journals were given to the employees for them to accomplish on daily basis. The journal shall be made available anytime for the purpose of contact tracing. However, all information therein shall be kept with utmost confidentiality.


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