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DOLE Laguna, LLMCi Facilitate Gift-Giving During The World Day Against Child Labor Celebration

It was a day of consolation for Jason, a lad who was introduced to responsibility way early in life. With the death of his father and the sickness of his mother, one can only imagine how a boy left along with his siblings would muster the courage to carry on. He would run errands in exchange for a small amount of money given by his relatives. At least today he would be assured that the family could get by with the package of goods and supplies along with a livelihood grant.

DOLE Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio responded to the challenge of the World Day Against Child Labor with the theme, Act Now, by holding a gift-giving and awarding ceremony in partnership with the Laguna Labor Management Council’s Project Angel Tree and the City Government of Cabuyao. Hon. Vice Mayor Atty. Leif A. Opiña delivered a message on how the government combats child labor through implementation of pertinent laws.

The activity was held at the Cabuyao Institute of Technology where both sides of the stage were acc¬entuated by piles of sacks of rice, school supplies, hygiene kits, grocery items, electronic devices and foldable chairs.

On the right side of the stage, sari-sari store and bigasan packages under the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program were arranged for the awarding ceremony. Each package is worth more or less Php30,000.00 comprised of goods. The livelihood grants intend to help out families of these children by way of micro business undertaking that would augment the household budget.

On the left side of the state, donations from over 30 companies garnered under The Project Angel Tree were also prepared for the gift-giving. Locators from Carmelray Industrial Park II, Light Industry and Science Parks, Laguna International Industrial Park, Laguna Technopark and other private establishments in the province have donated items. They were joined by companies represented by officers of the LLMCi led by Mr. John Joseph Cano, Vice-Chair for Management from Asurion Techlog Philippines and Ms. Clemen Balido, Union President of Calamba Medical Center.

It was Senior Labor and Employment Officer Raymond R. Ramos, the Child Labor Prevention and Elimination Program focal who bridged the donor companies to families. All 60 beneficiaries were chosen from the list of profiled child laborers all throughout the province. They were divided into four clusters for purposes of crowd control in the scheduled gift-giving activities.

Twelve beneficiaries represented by their parents were present on 12 June 2021 to receive gifts and livelihood grants. Given the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, the children from Bay, Calauan, Los Baños and Victoria were no longer invited to the event. Nonetheless, they were overwhelmed by the bountiful blessings as soon as the goods reached their homes. One of the parents even said, “Sisiguraduhin ko pong makatapos ng pag-aaral ang anak ko.”

For Jason, it was his aunt who filled in the shoes of her mother. She was grateful of the privilege to witness the bayanihan spirit alive with the generosity of the private sector and the active intervention of the public sector. It was more than a community pantry given the livelihood opportunities extended to families that could keep them afloat day by day.


By Rudyboy R. Sinay

Senior LEO
DOLE LPO Labor Information Officer

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