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It is not every day that locals living in far-flung communities receive assistance from government programs and services. Localities in the far-end of Laguna almost proximate to Quezon and Rizal are hardly reached by national government agencies. Locals are not even aware of social welfare programs and services available to them. In effect, it would take extra time and effort to be able to promote an inclusive approach to national growth.

DOLE Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio has been taking the initiative to visit remote areas in the 4th district of Laguna. This is why he is familiar with the social conditions in municipalities like Pakil, Siniloan, Sta. Maria and other neighboring towns. He would always ensure that DOLE programs and services would reach these places.

During the release of livelihood assistance in Pakil where the provincial director personally greeted the beneficiaries, he said:

“Ito po ay kabuhayan para sa inyo. Atin pong pag-igihin at palaguin. Bibisitahin po ito ng DOLE makalipas ang isa o dalawang buwan upang malaman ang pag-unlad.”

Thirty (30) livelihood beneficiaries showed up for the awarding of goods. They were joined by no less than Mayor Vincent Soriano and Barangay Captain Jason Abuel who have been supportive of DOLE projects and programs for their constituents. Thanks to the assistance of the local government, the distribution of livelihood packages was successfully carried out.

The grants were comprised of sari-sari store and bigasan packages worth Php598,000. For families whose main source of living is farming, a small kabuhayan showcase would make a big difference in their daily household budget. Lolita Llagas, one of the beneficiaries responded by saying, “Hindi po namin ito sasayangin bagkus ito po ay aming palalaguin.”

The sari-sari stores and bigasan stalls are also expected to help improve the barangay’s local economy. With proper management, these livelihood undertakings can thrive and grow as major economic contributors. Consequently, the beneficiaries attended a seminar on how to manage a business with representatives from the Department of Trade and Industry and DOLE.

What is more interesting is that the grantees can secure additional assistance for the enhancement of the project after two years of operation. It is for this reason that monitoring of kabuhayan grants through regular reports and ocular visits is being undertaken. This way, DOLE would be able to promote sustainable business growth.

These were all facilitated by Senior Labor and Employment Officer Raymond R. Ramos who coordinated DOLE’s assistance with the LGU from the barangay to the municipal level. The goods were provided by the agency while the logistics was arranged by the local officials. It was a meaningful partnership all for the benefit of members of the vulnerable sector in the community.

As the road toward inclusive growth becomes tough, the government is expected to mobilize available machinery to rise to the challenge. DOLE Laguna PO is prepared to do so by bringing programs and services closer to remote communities. Besides, going the extra mile at the local level will be worth the journey toward the national goal.


Senior LEO
Labor Information Officer-Designate
DOLE Laguna Provincial Office

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