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Away from their daily routine of labor inspection and hearing out the complaints of workers, twenty-nine personnel from DOLE Laguna led by Provincial Director Guido R. Recio embarked on a green endeavor on 1 April 2022 by attending a daylong Seminar on Practical Urban Gardening at the Regional Seedling Facility and Wildlife Rescue Center located at Barangay Lamot 2, Calauan, Laguna.

Lush greenery and bird chirps greeted the participants as they arrived for the morning session. The summer heat faded as a brief rainfall provided a cool atmosphere at the spacious venue. Lectures were given alongside the chatter of monkeys and loud calls from predator birds from the nearby wildlife rescue center.

The first resource person, Ms. Jennifer Aquino spoke on the benefits of growing edible plants and vegetables while the second resource person, Mr. Corazon Gasapos talked about the process. Questions from the audience indicated an attentive crowd willing to try out urban gardening. From time to time, the resource persons would also share their personal experience.

Lunch was a healthy serving of grilled tilapia, steamed vegetables, scrambled egg, and the main course, “Tapang Kabayo.” The participants bonded over food that some even ate with their bare hands to savor the rich taste of the mouth-watering servings. Several tables were prepared just in time for the meal break to accommodate all the participants.

What the attendees learned in the morning session was put to the test in the afternoon session. Divided into four groups, they were given the task of making organic pesticides from fresh vegetables and fish entrails. It was a lively session as the groups scrambled to pick out the vegetables and other ingredients.

PD Recio joined in the fun as he took out the task of preparing the organic fertilizer from fish entrails. He also got his hands on the shovel to mix some organic soil. There was also a tour of the rescued wildlife taken from poachers who got caught selling the animals in the black market.

Aside from being a welcome and healthy respite for the personnel, the activity imbued on each and every one the need for healthy living, mental well-being, and concern for the environment. A generous serving of the famous Calauan Pineapple marked its sweet ending. All these were made possible in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture following arrangements made by Senior Labor and Employment Officer, Mr. Raymond R. Ramos.

For PD Guido Recio, the seminar is part of DOLE Laguna's Teamwork, Initiative, Green, Enhancement, Reporting or TIGER approach in enhancing delivery of services. This is part of the office greening activity where employees are empowered to pursue urban gardening for a sustainable natural environment. PD Recio intends to require the attendees to set up an urban garden in the DOLE Laguna Provincial Office with a price for the best vegetable grower.

What a refreshing and a meaningful break from the daily office routine that would now include urban gardening from time to time.


Rudyboy R. Sinay

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