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For typical criminology students, every semester is made more exciting by the challenging courses to prepare them for police work. Jaime and Kairen were among these students who look forward to participating in practical exercises that will develop their skills in actual combat. The academe did not disappoint with their experience in advanced martial arts.

Their anticipation of the coursework grew stronger as they were able to complete their course requirements year after year. The training was expected to become more intense upon reaching their junior year. Yet something changed out of the blue with the series of community quarantines.

Schools went online. Face-to-face classes were suspended indefinitely. Students like Jaime and Kairen wondered how they will pull off their practical courses without having to defer their studies. They were called to attend virtual classes which were equally challenging in a different way.

Imagine they completed their driving course without hitting the road. They also engaged in marksmanship without setting foot on a shooting range. Still, they made the most of the experience from the online classes. Thanks to their instructors who successfully cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

Now Jaime and Kairen are in their senior year. For their term break, they got into the Government Internship Program. They were assigned at the DOLE Laguna Provincial Office. Fresh from attending virtual classes, they finally got the chance to immerse in actual office work.

Both of them along with several other interns were welcomed by Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio in July 2022. They were assigned to their respective supervisors who will oversee their daily accomplishments. This internship is an opportunity for these students to be familiar with the role of public servants in case they intend to join the government.


A total of six interns were assigned to this Office. They are among the 252 interns hired in various government offices and agencies in the Province of Laguna. The group is a significant reinforcement to these institutions.

According to Senior Labor and Employment Officer and Employment Focal Daisy G. Ramos, the government internship program is a component of the Kabataan 2000 project under Executive Order 139 Series of 1993, which aims to provide opportunities for young workers to serve the general public through the projects and services of government agencies and offices at both local and national level.

The interns will receive stipends equivalent to the highest prevailing minimum wage in the region where they are assigned. The internship agreement may last for three to six months with the interns subject to insurance coverage ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 depending on the availability of the insurance provider.

For Jaime and Kairen, the actual office work gave them a break from the monotonous virtual learning platform for almost two years. The monthly stipend was only a consolation for their brand new work experience. Chances are that they are also better prepared to return to their face-to-face classes in their senior year.


Rudyboy R. Sinay

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