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Just recently, the Department of Labor and Employment Regional Office IV-A conducted a 3-day webinar series for its employees on their benefits and welfare held via Zoom.

The said activity aims to provide all DOLE IV-A employees updated information regarding their benefits, particularly from the agencies, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth and GSIS. Each agency was allotted a morning session for 3 days to discuss pertinent topics on the services that they offer.

On day one of the webinar series, the representative from Pag-IBIG discussed topics on contribution rates, upgrading and return; as well as on loans for both short-term and housing. Also discussed were the Virtual Pag-IBIG and savings through the modified Pag-IBIG II Program. Employees were then encouraged to get their own Pag-IBIG loyalty card. The following day, an informative session from PhilHealth provided employees updates on member contributions, benefits, and their Konsulta Benefit Package, an individual-based health service that includes initial and follow-up primary care consultations, health screening and assessment and access to selected diagnostic services, and medicines. Day three of the webinar series was allotted for GSIS, focusing on contribution rates, life insurance and retirement. Additionally, topics of interest for the employees include GSIS benefits, different types of loan, and the Choice of Loan Amortization Schedule for Pensioners (CLASP). The last discussion dwelled on the effects of gap in government service and other HR actions (such as LWOP).


A total of 244 employees attended the 3-day webinar series Aside from gaining new and updated information on the benefits and services they can avail, the employees were given the opportunity to ask questions and clarify processes. Personnel Unit from DOLE’s Internal Management Services Unit (IMSD) hopes to implement more similar activities to keep its employees updated on the benefits and services available for them.


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