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White is the standard color every Monday as DOLE Laguna starts the work week with a Flag ceremony concluded by a message from Provincial Director Guido R. Recio.

March 6, 2023 was a different Monday in the office. Welcomed by purple balloons, the staff arrived in purple shirts. One could hardly overlook the bulletin board leaning to the left adorned with balloons (purple, of course), flowers, butterflies, and a white mask. It was the National Women’s Month Themed Flag Ceremony advocated by DOLE IV-A OIC-Regional Director, Atty. Nepomuceno A. Leaño II.

The host for the day, Senior LEO Jennifer Taip, opened the program by explaining the significance of the activity. It was a roll-out of National Women’s Month with the theme: “WE are all for Gender Equality, WE are all for an inclusive society.”

In his message, PD Recio made it a point that everyone should honor women in their endeavors as equal members of society. Senior LEO and Gender and Development (GAD) focal, Ms. Maria Cristela Caspillan, echoed the same message and explained the meaning behind the sideway-leaning bulletin board, which meant gender equality by giving due course to the perspective of others. She also related the symbolism represented by each décor, such as the mask for individual personality, butterflies adorning flowers for freedom, and flowers and plants for uniqueness and differences.


The celebration is more than lip service for the Juanas, with the Provincial Office bent on empowering and helping out women with its frontline services.

Take the case of Jane,* a dishwasher for a fast food chain who suddenly discovered that her branch manager withheld her work schedule without formal notice.

She has been at odds with her manager, and this was the final straw. Her bruised hands from endless washing of plates reminded her of the hard work she puts into her job. Back at home, she finds herself staring at those bare hands.

To solve her predicament, she visited the DOLE Provincial Office on 16 February 2023 and filed a Request for Assistance through SENA (Single Entry Approach). She met with her manager before the Hearing Officer on the conference day. Those days of despair came to an end in a settlement. Although the parties agreed to bury the hatchet, Jane no longer wants to return to her job. She tendered her resignation there and then.

The management agreed to pay her wages for the days she was not given a work schedule. She received her last pay and her pro-rated 13th-month pay immediately. All her money claims amounted to P9, 238.39.

And there is more at DOLE Laguna. The hearing officer recommended the hearing officer for assistance through the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program. This time, she can be her boss.

It might have been a colorful experience for Jane, but all ends well. She could still recall knocking at the doors of DOLE Laguna with a heavy heart and leaving with a cheerful heart. It is how DOLE helps and empowers the Juanas of Laguna.

*real name was not disclosed for privacy.


Rudyboy R. Sinay
Senior LEO/LIO

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