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DOLE QPO Hails CBA Signing at Team Energy
DOLE QPO OIC Edwin Hernandez (extreme right) signs as witness to Team Energy’s CBA contract signing. From the right of Mr. Hernandez are Atty. Lee S. Amante, Pagbilao Power Station Manager Mr. Larry C. Medrano, President and CEO Mr. Federico E. Puno, EVP and CFO Mr. Toshiro Kume and Kaisahan Ng Manggagawa sa Pagbilao Power Station President Mr. Teodoro G. Gener.

29th of October 2013 marks another milestone in the history of Team Energy as its management representatives convened with its union officers for the signing of their Collective Bargaining Agreement. Dubbed by Atty. Lee S. Amante, the company’s VP Legal and HR, as the shortest negotiation they has because it only took them nine (9) meetings before they finally agreed on the terms of the CBA.

Mr. Toshiro Kume, Executive Vice President, and Mr. Federico E. Puno, President and CEO, congratulated the negotiating panel from both management and labor on the swift conduct of negotiation which led to the early approval of the CBA’s final draft. Team Energy’s top officials believe that the approved CBA will foster better relationship between labor and management.

Kaisahan ng Manggagawa sa Pagbilao Power Station President Teodoro G. Gener also thanked Team Energy management for recognizing and respecting the workers’ fundamental rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining. For the union’s part, Mr. Gener assured management of their cooperation in order to be productive as he cites the theme of the 6th RTIPC Convention which was held recently for the first time in the province of Quezon.

DOLE QPO OIC Edwin T. Hernandez hailed the signing of the CBA as a victory for social dialogue whose spirit is very much alive in the CALABARZON region. Mr. Hernandez described it as both a means and an end in resolving conflict and improving the employment condition of workers provided there is participation. He also thanked both panels for recognizing each other’s capacity to provide and its limitations.

The contract signing was held at the Bayview Kontiki Bar in Pagbilao, Quezon. Dinner and socials followed after the CBA signing.


Edwin T. Hernandez
OIC, Quezon Provincial Office

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