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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) believes that education is the key to compliance and mutual respect that are vital in begetting industrial peace.
In its quest for better service delivery and in ensuring that DOLE’s clients are aware of their rights, responsibilities, options, as well as the various programs and services offered by the Department, the DOLE revolutionized its Labor Education Program taking into consideration the expanding clientele, modernizing technology and evolving world of work.
Posing as an improved version of its predecessor, the Labor and Employment Education Services (LEES) signaled the departure from the traditional way of delivering labor education using cartolinas, manila papers and powerpoints, from the legalistic view of advocating compliance with labor laws and enhancing industrial relations, and from the very limited reach of labor education services to clients in and out of the country.
The new LEES aims to address the dynamic changes in labor relations and the demands of the labor market and the economy as a whole, along with the limited number of personnel delivering labor and employment education in numerous establishments.
Consistent with its purpose, the LEES aims to enlighten, educate and provide knowledge on the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers, work ethics, values, skills and other relevant information to enable them to become responsible partners in building harmonious labor-management relations and the attainment of decent and productive work, using appropriate and modern platforms.
Through the modernized LEES, the DOLE adopted a strategy of marketing its programs and services just like how big businesses market theirs, instilling with success product recall to their clientele – through commercial video clips.
Officially launched on 30 January 2014, the DOLE Central Office and Regional Offices simultaneously showed nationwide the LEES promotional videos of DOLE programs and services.
To further make the DOLE labor and employment education services more pro-active and accessible to the public, a YouTube Channel has likewise been created to serve as a reservoir of the Department’s animated instruction and informational materials.  The DOLE LEES YouTube Channel can be accessed at
Another platform that was developed is the DOLE LEES Mobile Application which can be downloaded and installed by numerous android users through the Google Playstore.
The mobile application contains electronic copies of the Department’s information, education and communication materials, information on the programs and services of the Department and its attached agencies, and links to the animated video clips. With the use of computers, laptops, cellular phones, and tablets, the DOLE, through the LEES Mobile Application, is able to reach out to various people of all ages across the country and across the globe, anytime, anywhere.
Another essential component of the LEES is the DOLE e-Learning System.  Launched during the 81st DOLE Anniversary on 10 December 2014, the DOLE e-Learning System provides web-based learning and education on a wide array of topics covering general labor standards, occupational safety and health standards, labor relations, productivity and other labor and employment-related concerns, whether local or overseas.  Housed under the DOLE’s Labor Governance Learning Center (LGLC), the DOLE e-Learning System can be accessed by students, workers, employers and the general public at
With these innovations, the reach of the Department’s labor and employment education services becomes limitless.  Through these, the DOLE hopes to bring its services closer to the people and the people closer to information with just a click of their fingertips.
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