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The DOLE-Batangas Provincial Office kicked off 2017 educating 11,560 students and 459 parents under the Career Coaching program of the Department. There were 8 schools, 2 school-based PESOs and 4 PESOs from different cities and municipalities in the province which participated in the activity.

Career coaching is one of the department’s solution in addressing the country’s problem on job mismatch and incompetence of the youth to help them become well-prepared on their future endeavors, thus increases employability of every Filipino.

With the significant usage of social media, students nowadays might consider themselves equipped already to face the corporate world. Yes, it could be possible. However, sharing real-life experiences on a real, personal, face-to-face setting still plays a major role in helping them project their professional paths and establish career decisions.

Career coaching is being offered by DOLE in coordination with PESOs and school-based guidance counselor networks to students, as early as in their sophomore year to assist them in discerning the course and eventually career or job best fit for them through Labor Market Information and in relation to their abilities, skills and interest. With the implementation of the K-12 program of the government, career coaching is a significant tool to help the youth in choosing the best academic strand for them.




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