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DOLE RO 4A spearheads 5th Regional Career Advocacy Congress

DOLE Quezon Provincial Office Head Mr. Edwin T. Hernandez formally welcome the participants.

Five (5) years in a row, DOLE Region IV-A in partnership with the Advocates for Career and Education Support, Inc. (ACESI) conducts Career Congresses to further capacitate the region’s Network of Guidance Counselors and Career Advocates and provide them updates as they serve as conduit of the Department in the advocacy of making sound and informed career choice for the young towards alleviating our pressing issues on job-skills mismatch. This year’s Congress, with the theme “Empowering 21st Century Learners towards Productive Youth Employability”, was held at St. Jude Cooperative Hotel and Events Center last September 7-8, 2017 and was able to gather more than 100 Guidance Counselors and Career Advocates

The delegates were formally welcomed by the head of the host province, Mr. Edwin T. Hernandez of DOLE Quezon Provincial Office. Mr. Hernandez highlighted that the Quezon Province might be the ‘last province’ in the CALABARZON Region, but the rise of the province in terms of economic and social development is now work-in-progress.

As the theme centered on youth employability, Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita of DOLE Region IV-A reported the skills that the employers are critically looking for a jobseeker, and these are communication skills, analytical thinking, and work values and attitude, and the Guidance Counselors and Career Advocates are instrumental for making that skills be instilled in our would-be members of the labor force. Director Campita also reported that with the launching of the Youth Employability Framework, we aim to facilitate a smooth school-to-work transition for the young most especially that employment is one of the endpoint/provision of the K to 12 Program.

Regional Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita delivering her Opening Remarks.

Following the addresses, Mr. Ferdinand F. Colliflores then called the 5th Regional Career Advocacy Congress to order. The ACESI President also recognized the presence of the delegates and guests, and introduced to the body the Keynote Speaker, NEDA Region IV-A Assistant Regional Director Gina T. Gacusan.

ARD Gina’s speech gave the participants a look of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 as the plan serves as the nation’s guidebook in realizing the AmBisyon Natin 2040. In Director Gacusan’s address, she also specified the roles of the Guidance Counselors and Advocates towards achieving a “matatag, maginhawa and panatag na buhay”; by helping the students find their passion, teaching them the difference of a vision and a plan, guiding them to make a plan, encourage them to dream big, and teach them how to stay motivated.

In grateful recognition of Director Gacusan’s sharing of her insights and expertise, a Plaque of Recognition was awarded by ACESI President Mr. Ferdinand F. Colliflores and Regional Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita.

From left to right. Mr. Ferdinand F. Colliflores, ARD Gina T. Gacusan and Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita on the awarding of plaque of recognition to ARD Gacusan

It was followed by the learning sessions led by the presentation of Ms. Joana Fe B. Panganiban, RGC on the activities, trends and challenges in the conduct of career guidance for the millennials. Ms. Panganiban provided the delegates with suggested activities in the conduct of thereof and possible barriers that the facilitators might have encounter. Following her lecture and open forum, Ms. Panganiban was also awarded with a plaque of recognition.

After the learning sessions, the ACESI passed resolutions to express sincerest appreciations to those contributors in making the 5th RCAC possible; to DOLE Quezon Provincial Office (as host province), to Regional Development Council and NEDA Region IV-A for their support to the Youth Employability Framework, to ARD Gina T Gacusan, to Ms. Joana Fe B. Panganiban of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Inc., and to Ms. Emily M. Genita of Save the Children Philippines.

The first day concluded with a night full of laughter as the ACESI prepared a socialization program induced by group dynamic activities. Also, DOLE Region IV-A took the momentous event to recognize the efforts of guidance counselors and advocates who have significant contributions for the betterment of the implementation of the Career Guidance Advocacy Program, especially those who piloted the conduct of the students’ needs assessment for the purpose of having a standardized career guidance module for Junior High School. The awarding was led by the DOLE Laguna Provincial Office (LPO) OIC-Provincial Director Guido R. Recio, LPO CGAP Provincial Focal Person Ms. Lirio T. Malabanan and CGAP Regional Focal Person Mr. Jorge Manuel Laude.

Ms. Joana Fe B. Panganiban, RGC of Manuel S. Enverga University on the lecture entitled Career Guidance for the Millennials: Activities, Trends and Challenges.

The 2nd day started with an energizer induced by a video presentation led by the Province of Batangas. The learning sessions continued with the presentation on the CALABARZON Youth Employability Framework and Philippine TalentMap Initiative led by Mr. Laude. After the presentation, a group dynamic activity was prepared by the Employment Unit of DOLE Region IV-A to assess whether the participants have learned a thing or two on the recent learning sessions, where the delegates from the Province of Cavite dominated.

To conclude the learning sessions, Ms. Emily M. Genita of Save the Children Philippines presented their Skills to Succeed Program. As the organization provides Life-skills Training for the young people, the delegates found a prospective partner in the provision thereof.

The two-day event was adjourned on motion duly seconded. Looking forward for more career guidance related learning sessions, it was announced that the 6th Regional Career Advocacy Congress will be hosted by the Province of Cavite.

Truly, the guidance counselors and career advocates are instrumental in addressing the nation’s issues in job-skills mismatch as the root cause of all employment-related issues can be alleviated if strong career guidance program is in place. As the famous saying says, “We cannot give what we do not have.”, it is important to further capacitate our stakeholders in career guidance for the betterment of their delivery of services to the CALABARZON youth.



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