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K to 12 Adjustment Measure Program

Pursuant to Section 4 of  the DOLE-DEPED-TESDA-CHED Joint Guidelines on the implementation of the Labor and Management Component of Republic Act No. 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (Kto12 Program), the Department Order No. 152-16 Series of 2016, indicating the guidelines of the K to 12 DOLE AMP implementation was issued on 10 March 2016.

The K to 12 DOLE AMP is a  mitigation measure of the Department of Labor and Employment which aims to support displaced Higher Education Institution (HEI) personnel in their transition to self or full-time employment through : (1) Financial Support, (2) Employment Facilitation and (3) Training and Livelihood.

With its objective to provide assistance, the program serves as a safety-net linked to active labor market programs and provides unemployment related benefit schemes to displaced HEI personnel.

On 15 May 2013, Republic Act No. 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 was issued, with the Senior High School (SHS) implementation starting School Year 2016.

Pursuant to Sec. 15 of RA 10533, the Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) was issued on 4 September 2013 where it identifies the K to 12 transition period from the day of its issuance until the end of SY 21-22.

In consonance with Sec. 31 of the IRR, the four agencies – DOLE, DepEd, TESDA and CHED – were mandated to propagate a Joint Guidelines, which was issued on 30 May 2014. The Joint Guidelines ensures the sustainability of private and public higher education Institutions and the promotion and protection of the rights, interest and welfare of affected teaching and non-teaching HEI personnel. Sec. 4 of the guidelines identifies DOLE to provide assistance to displaced HEI personnel through Financial Support, Employment Facilitation and Training and Livelihood.

Further, based on the study conducted by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) and the University of Philippine Population Institute (UPPI) as commissioned by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), twenty-three thousand seven hundred thirty-eight (23,738) may be displaced in Higher Education Institutions from School Year 2016-2017 and School Year 2021-2022. Since the displacements are not fully caused by the economy or market but by a government policy, the Philippine Government prepared mitigation measures through the different Agency programs.

Legal Basis of DOLE Department Order 152-16

The following references and its respective sections are the bases of the Department Order No. 152-16, series of 2016, entitled “Guidelines in the Implementation of K to 12 DOLE Adjustment Measures Program (AMP)”:


  • Sec 5. Curriculum Development
  • Sec 6. Curriculum Consultative Committee
  • Sec 9. Career Guidance and Counseling Advocacy


  • Sec 10.5. Stakeholder Participation
  • Sec 11. Consultative Committee
  • Sec 17-19. Career Guidance and Counseling Advocacy
  • Sec 30.3. Effects of Initial Implementation of the Enhanced Basic Education on Industry Human Resource
  • Sec 31. Labor and Management Rights


  • Sec 4. Nationwide region-based profiling of would-be- displaced HEI Personnel
  • Sec 4.2.a. Wage Employment through job-matching
  • Sec 4.2.b. Re-training or Re-tooling through TESDA Skills Training
  • Sec 4.2.c. Livelihood or Entrepreneurship through DOLE AMP


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