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DOLE-Batangas Provincial Office (DOLE-BPO) shares the spirit of Christmas even in the month of Juneas they organized a gift-giving activity under the Project Angel Tree for the children of Brgy. Kapito, Lian and Brgy. Alas-as in San Nicolas. Project Angel Tree, a gift-giving activity for children who are at-risk and involved in hazardous child labor, was conducted for this year’s celebration of World Day against Child Labor (WDACL). DOLE-BPO, in partnership with the members of the Batangas Province Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (BPTIPC) and local government units (LGUs), granted two barangays the privilege to be part of this activity. This is in line with this year’s theme: In conflicts and disasters, protect children from child labor.

Project Angel Tree is an 11-year old project of DOLE which aims to improve economic and social condition of child laborers and their families and increase the number of allies and advocates of child labor elimination through the help of donor, benefactor, friend, patron, sponsor or supporter.

This humble endeavor is in partnership with this year’s “Angels”, the BPTIPC and LGU of Lian and San Nicolas.

Candies unwrapped

The sound of giggling kids filled the Brgy. Kapito, Lian’s Learning Resource Center on the morning of the 29th of June. Its Brgy. Chairman, Honorable Monico Pelagio, together with the parents or members of the Community Watch Groups, welcomed visitors in the celebration of WDACL. DOLE-BPO Provincial Director Predelma Tan expressed her deep appreciation and gratitude to the stakeholders and the barangay as well for their continuous support to the child labor-free program, specifically in the sugarcane industry.

Also present in the activity were representatives from Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc. and Barangay Council for the Protection of Children. Members of Barangay Children Advocates who hosted the event also displayed their talents through their intermission numbers. BPTIPC member, SHI Manufacturing and Services, Inc., sponsored bags and school supplies for the 30 children and sacks of rice for the 15 families who participated in the program. These excited children simultaneously opened their bags which seemed like opening a bag of candies during Christmas.

Inevitably, sugar, when combined with the generosity of charitable sponsors, glazed with parents and the local government’s support, and produced without child labor, is way sweeter.

An explosion of hope and goodness

Under the shade of trees and walls of lava is where the first ever WDACL was celebrated in Brgy. Alas, San Nicolas on June 30. To reach the place, every stakeholder must enjoy the 45-minute boat ride on Taal lake, with the magnificent view of the Mt. Maculot and Taal volcano.

Attendees in this event were from the local government led by Honorable Mayor William Enriquez, representatives from the Municipal Social Welfare and Development, Department of Education-Alternative Learning System, Municipal Tourism Office and Municipal Police Office. Each office manifested its commitments and messages of encouragement to the parents and children alike. Pilipinas Kyohritsu, Inc., BPTIPC member, provided bags, school supplies and candies as presents for the 28 children who joined the program. Sacks of rice were also received by their parents.

Along with these bags of goodies, families went home by means of their bancas with wide smiles and gratitude in their hearts.

Optimism in giving

DOLE-BPO’s goal in the conduct of Project Angel Tree is to reward the families, especially children, in their support to the advocacy on child labor-free barangays. This is with the hope that each child is attending school and that the gifts given to each family will be used to lighten their everyday loads and bear “fruits” that will help uplift their condition and become partners in the elimination of child labor in the country. During the previous years, these families were also provided with various livelihood assistance from DOLE and trainings from public and private sectors.



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