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CEHRDC Presents SHS Simulation Laboratory On 3rd Anniversary with DOLE Laguna and Stakeholders
Public Service Veterans at CEHRDC. Public Service Veterans including Ret. DOLE Laguna PD Mata (third from right), Ret. Peso Manager Peter Capitan (sixth from left) and Ret. DOLE Regional Director Ernesto Bihis (seventh from left) recognized during the CEHRDC General Assembly.

From the Calamba City Employment Summit way back in 2014, DOLE Laguna has been the leading partner of the City Government of Calamba among other government agencies in the formulation and implementation of the Employment and Human Resource Development Plan 2015-2020 which led to the creation of the Calamba City Employment and Human Resource Development Council (CEHRDC).

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success,” former Calamba City PESO Manager Peter Capitan reiterated the creed of business magnate Henry Ford as he presented the three-year journey of the CEHRDC before several stakeholders at the NYK TDG Maritime Academy on 5 October 2017.

It all started with the story of the glaring jobs and skills mismatch on the backdrop of the ASEAN Economic Integration presented by the CEHRDC to which several companies responded particularly the ICCP Group Foundation with its Industry Linkage Project.

This has brought about the development of the Contextualized Manuals for STEM and TechVoc now being implemented in the Calamba City Standalone Senior High School made possible by the Department of Education - City Division of Calamba.

Determined to meet the challenges of the K-To-12 program, the CEHRDC took the initiative to introduce the conceptualization of a simulation laboratory with the Department of Science and Technology.

SHS Simulation Laboratory In Focus. Mr. Trini Sager of DOST presenting the Simulation Laboratory for Senior High School students in Calamba City during the CEHRDC General Assembly.

As the CEHRDC marks its third year anniversary, the Council takes pride in the presentation of the Calamba City Simulation Laboratory developed by Mr. Trini Sager of DOST. The proposal highlights the construction of 1,000 sqm facility to house corporate divisions/departments particularly the Production Room where sponsored equipment from companies will be stationed. According to the proponent,

“It is expected that the Calamba Simulation Laboratory will produce a highly capable workforce that is well rounded equipped with ever evolving skillsets.”

The celebration also paved the way to recognize the invaluable contribution of major personalities in the milestones achieved by the Council under the leadership of Hon. Justin Marc S.B. Chipeco.

Plaques of Recognition were awarded to the big three veterans including Labor Attache and Ret. DOLE Regional Director Ernesto Bihis, Ret. Provincial Director Milagros R. Mata and Ret. Peso Manager Peter Capitan who are the brains behind the success of CEHRDC. Among the other awardees were Dr. Eugenia Gorgon of DepED Calamba City Division and Mr. Ces Alano of ICCP Group Foundation, Inc.

DOLE Laguna can attest to the hardwork and brilliance of its former Chief, Retired PD Mata. She has been an active Vice-Chairperson presiding over the long table of officers in several occasions during CEHRDC Meetings.

With the wisdom and experience of a seasoned public servant who became a leader and a visionary, she dedicated her precious time and effort to achieve noble ends of the Council while managing DOLE Laguna’s provincial operation.

“This has been a great opportunity to go back to the same old road of providing bridges among employment stakeholders for harmonious labor supply and demand interplay,” she remarked.

It is noteworthy that several years ago, PD Mata was among the pillars of the Laguna Manpower Development Council with Labor Attaché and Ret. DOLE RD Bihis as the Chairman.

This kind of initiative is instrumental in establishing a platform for public-private partnership in a multisectoral setting, which in turn, empowers the works of the “invisible hand.”

Ret. PD Mata continues to extend her influence in the promotion of social justice outside the four corners of her office as a private citizen with her unquestionable integrity following her retirement in March 2017.

Meanwhile, DOLE Laguna OIC Guido R. Recio assumed as the Vice-Chairperson of the CEHRDC who has likewise shown his commitment working hand in hand with the Information, Investment Promotions and Employment Service Office (IIPESO) to pursue the activities, programs and projects of the Council with the continued support given by DOLE Regional Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita.

Working on the ground for the Council’s many activities is the Secretariat led by iiPESO Supervising Officer Ms. Dessy D. Encinas with the technical assistance of DOLE Laguna Employment Focal Ms. Lirio T. Malabanan.

Given the ambitious plan of CEHRDC, the Council prepares to take on the challenge of making the proposed Simulation Laboratory a reality with the support of the City Government of Calamba.

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