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QPO Head Edwin T. Hernandez (standing) while explaining to the MSWs of San Narciso the offer for formal employment of BLR Allied Inc. and Peter Paul Philippine Corporation held at the SB Hall. Joining Mr. Hernandez are Peter Paul HR Manager Adriene Portes (seated from left), the Barangay Captains of Villa Reyes and Vigo Central (seated 2nd and 3rd from left) PESO Manager Mabini Rivadulla (seated at the back of Mr. Portes).

“It was a dream come true,” this was how QPO Provincial Head Edwin T. Hernandez pictured out the recent development relative to addressing the sad plight of poor migratory sugarcane workers (MSWs) also called “sacadas” from Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon province.

In 2015, DOLE Quezon discovered that the province is a sending area in Region IV-A of MSWs to work as tabasero, kargador and maghuhurnal in the vast sugarcane plantation of Batangas province. The discovery led DOLE to find out more about the poor working condition of sacadas recruited and transported from Quezon. Several interventions were initiated by DOLE Quezon with the support of the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns, the sending municipalities were capacitated and a local dialogue with the barangay officials was conducted to solicit their support and participation in addressing the problem of illegal recruitment and transport of MSWs. The initiatives are responsive, however, the illegal activity is very persistent, worst, it become more innovative and undetected.

Unexpectedly, BLR Allied Inc., the supplier of raw white coconut meat and coco water of Peter Paul Philippine Corporation is in dire need of additional workers to work as shellers, parer and driller of coconut. HR Manager of Peter Paul Candelaria Adriene Portes inquired from DOLE Quezon the possibility of hiring workers who are former or active sacadas from Bondoc Peninsula considering that the job at stake do not require technical expertise but simple kasipagan and pagmamahal sa trabaho. In response, QPO Head Hernandez accepted the offer and immediately scheduled a visit to Barangay Tala in San Andres and Barangays Villa Reyes and Vigo Central in San Narciso, areas known as sending hub of MSWs on June 4, 2019. The visit was very fruitful and the MSWs were very responsive and enthusiastic to the offer of Peter Paul to work for their supplier BLR Allied Inc.

QPO Head Edwin T. Hernandez together with Peter Paul Philippine Corporation HR Manager Adriene Portes and BLR Allied Inc. Admin Manager Lovelight Haydee Ona while explaining to the relatives of MSWs the offer of the said companies for formal employment at BLR, Peter Paul’s supplier of raw coconut meat and coco water in the latter’s Candelaria plant.

To ensure the realization of the project, DOLE Quezon coordinated the recruitment activity with the Public Employment Service Offices of the concerned municipalities for proper documentation and transport of the hired workers. Among the benefits guaranteed by Peter Paul on behalf of their supplier ranges from payment of piece rate based on the prevailing minimum wage of Candelaria, Quezon, social protection as well as provision of other wage related benefits, free housing, free uniform and security of tenure.

Initially, fifty (50) MSWs are expected to be recruited by June 14, 2019. After a month, the manpower complement of BLR Allied Inc. will be jointly reviewed by DOLE Quezon, Peter Paul Philippine Corporation and BLR to determine the number of workers that will be recruited in the next batch. Should the placement of MSWs by BLR Allied Inc. becomes successful it will surely have an impact on the DOLE’s campaign to end all forms of illegal recruitment activity of MSWs in Quezon.


Head, Quezon Provincial Office

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