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DOLE Laguna Intensifies Labor Education on Expanded Maternity Leave Law
EML Education in Action. Atty. Kenneth Buri of BWSC (3rd from left) receives his Certificate of Appreciation for discussion of 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave at Light Industry and Science Park II along with officers of the LLMCi.

Maria, a pregnant worker, anticipates of making the most of her current privileges under the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law (EML). She is expected to notify her employer about the pregnancy and expected date of child birth. Her employer, in turn, will transmit the notice to the Social Security System. That is if Maria has at least paid three months of contributions in the twelve-month period preceding the semester of contingency to be eligible to avail of these perks.

Many more days and many more questions to be resolved as queries on the EML Implementing Rules and Regulations surge alongside its release. It is for this reason that DOLE Laguna Provincial Office with the marching mandate from Regional Director Henry John S. Jalbuena conducted a series of labor education seminars on the subject. In partnership with the Laguna Labor Management Council, Inc., several industrial zones have already been covered by the initiative.

Republic Act 11210, “An Act Increasing The Maternity Leave Period To One Hundred Five (105) Days For Female Workers With An Option To Extend For An Additional Thirty (30) Days Without Pay, And Granting An Additional Fifteen (15) Days For Solo Mothers, And For Other Purposes,” briefly referred to as Expanded Maternity Leave Law (EML), was signed into law on 21 February 2019.

An orientation on R.A. 11210 has been conducted at Carmelray Industrial Park II as early as 21 March 2019. Questions were accommodated even prior to the release of Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) which came out in May. Effective on the 11th of the month, companies were concerned about the implications of EML provisions from eligibility to actual implementation affecting not only human resources but also financial resources.

Issues and concerns were raised through DOLE Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio for clarification by the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns. Be that as it may, the group of over 30 employers committed to comply with the law in support of advancing the welfare of female workers.

In May, DOLE Laguna held another labor education seminar on EML at Light Industry and Science Park II with over 60 participants. Queries were easily settled upon presentation of the IRR released during the Labor Day celebration. BWSC representatives led by Atty. Kenneth Buri took over the discussions.

What is new about the EML Law? Aside from the option to transfer seven days of paid leave to husband, partner or a relative tasked to take care of the newborn, the female worker may also opt to extend her vacation leave for 30 more days without pay as long as she gets to inform her employer 45 days ahead. It is likewise noteworthy that the paid leave privilege further covers 15 more days for any qualified solo parent.

Moreover, the frequency of EML grant is not limited to a certain number of pregnancy incidents. The female worker may avail of the paid leave benefits for as many times as necessary. Such law also underscores non-diminution of benefits as much as security of tenure guarantees.

These were highlighted in the EML Seminars organized by Western Digital attended by over 100 management representatives at Laguna Technopark on 23 May 2019. Another one was accomplished for members of the People Management Association of the Philippines – Laguna Chapter. In Carmelray Industrial Park I, a seminar has already been scheduled in July 4, 2019 to be handled by Senior Labor and Employment Officers Daisy G. Ramos and Jennifer C. Taip.

While there has been a streak of EML seminars for the management sector, DOLE Laguna intends to replicate the same for labor groups. The EML provisions will also be presented to members of labor organizations in the second semester of the year as part of the Workers Organization Development Program Training. This way, labor unions will also be able to grasp maternity privileges under the new law.

As far as Maria is concerned, she will no longer worry about balancing time between family and work. She can now prioritize her baby with 60-day paid leave which is extendible for another 30 days. All it takes is to comply with the requisites provided in the EML guidelines.




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