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DOLE Rizal Conducts RA 9231 Orientation for Parents of First Time WCP Applicants

DOLE-Rizal conducts RA 9231 or An Act Providing For The Elimination Of The Worst Forms Of Child Labor And Affording Stronger Protection For The Working Child, Amending For This Purpose Republic Act No. 7610, as Amended, Otherwise Known As The "Special Protection Of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation And Discrimination Act” orientation for the parents of those first time applicants of the Working Child Permit.

A Working Child Permit (WCP) is secured by the employer, parent or guardian from DOLE for any child below 15 years of age in any work allowed under Republic Act No. 9231.

The Provincial Office ensures that the parents of first time WCP applicants will undergo the orientation for them to be aware on the law that protects their children from the abuse in their supposed workplace. Aside from the RA 9231, the focal person also discusses to the parents about the technicalities of the WCP card, and all the requirements needed for both first time and succeeding applications.

The Rizal Provincial Office has the highest application in the whole region considering its distance to the National Capital Region where most of the applications are located. As of August, the Province received a total of 649 applications for 2019.

The program’s focal in-charge also ensures that she visits, as much as possible, the tapings or shootings that are scheduled in the province to monitor whether employers do not violate RA 9231. This shoot monitoring is part of DOLE Department Circular No. 2, Series of 2017.



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