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DOLE Laguna Empowers Workers Through WODP Training
Empowering three-day retreat. Participants smile for a group photo during the three-day WODP Training conducted by DOLE Laguna at the Palacio de Soreña Hotel. 

The Department recognizes the constitutional rights of workers to self-organization and collective bargaining that the Workers Organization Development Program (WODP) has been instituted to strengthen trade unions and workers’ organizations.
Under the WODP, there is a training grant aimed at promoting workers’ rights through labor education. It is a mechanism to develop and enhance capabilities of workers in the field of leadership, management, and organizational development according to the Bureau of Labor Relations. As an annual training assistance for workers, it is expected to yield sustainable impact in the industry.

DOLE Laguna Provincial Office invited members of labor organizations in the province for a three-day WODP Training on 2-4 October 2019. So that every worker can independently make an informed decision in asserting his or her rights, Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio emphasized the importance of empowering unions through intensive labor laws advocacies toward responsible unionism. This way, workers can better assume the responsibilities that go along with their rights.

The training was set at the Palacio de Soreña Hotel dubbed as the Palace of the South located at Ayala Greenfield Diversion Road. Embraced by greenery, it was a place conducive for several learning sessions where union representatives can find focus away from the busy city setting. For three days, they embarked on a battery of lectures.

It was no less than Assistant Regional Director Nepomuceno A. Leaño II who delivered the first topic on Security of Tenure. With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation coupled by scribbles on the white board, he managed to explain the trilateral relationship among employee, employer, and contractor. He entertained questions for clarification, too.

An overview of BLR programs was presented by Ms. Nora T. Aguilar, DOLE Laguna Supervising Labor and Employment Officer and Labor Relations Focal. From union registration and CBA registration, she also enumerated other key LR functions such as certification election, local election, and Single- Entry Approach (SENA). It was some sort of a refresher course for the participants.

In the afternoon, Ms. Marivic T. Villa, BLR Chief Labor and Employment Officer shared an update on programs now made available and accessible online. There is the Labor and Employment Services E-Learning Portal where users can complete DOLE modules anytime and anywhere for certificates. They can also utilize the Online Union Registration System and Union Verification Portal. A walk-thru on these programs was facilitated to guide them in accessing the webpage.

The second day was all about conciliation and preventive mediation in partnership with the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board IV-A. An energetic session on Alternative Dispute Resolution was delivered by Mr. Louis San Luis, Administrative Officer IV meandering on the voluntary modes of settling workplace misunderstandings as a shared responsibility between an employee and an employer. Meanwhile, it was Ms. Delia Yu, a veteran Conciliator-Mediator, who relayed an interactive discourse on CBA negotiation techniques which will surely come in handy in bargaining for better work conditions.

An update on labor laws happened on the third day. It started with a session on Department Order 198 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Standards Law shared by Mr. Ryan O. Flores, Labor and Employment Officer III. Another session featured the Department Advisory on Expanded Maternity Leave Law thoroughly imparted by Ms. Daisy G. Ramos, Senior Labor and Employment Officer. There was also a discussion on DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program for workers individual or group facilitated by Ms. Lorena M. Gacosta, Senior Labor and Employer Officer.

The training was concluded with Dir. Recio’s presentation on tripartism among labor, management, and government reiterating the inevitable role of unions in the promotion of industrial peace. Participants were not only refreshed by the serene surroundings of the venue but also gained better insights in relation to their rights as workers.


Rudyboy R. Sinay
Senior LEO

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