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DOLE LAGUNA ‘S “ACE” FOR CAREER GUIDANCE ADVOCACY. Career Advocates of Laguna pose for the camera during their General Assembly at San Pedro Relocation Center National High School. 

While some students have a clear picture of what they want to become in the future, some are not quite sure which track they want to pursue.

Erdel, a 17-year-old grade 12 student, plans on studying architecture like most of his relatives instead of pursuing his dream to become a doctor. It was his family that encouraged him to have a change of heart knowing that there is a job waiting for the lad as soon as he finishes his studies. He enrolled in the General Academic Strand under the K-to-12 Program since he used to be confused which college course would be right for him.

Asked when he first saw the school’s guidance counselor, he recalled an instance several months ago when the class got embroiled into a case of bullying that he was obliged to talk to a Guidance Counselor (GC) for an investigation. Consequently, it was also the last occasion that he was able to speak with the school’s counselor.

There is more to the GC Office than investigations concerning discipline as it is a safe haven for students seeking for guidance in hopes of reaching their full potential. DOLE Laguna recognizes the vital role of GCs as career advocates in inculcating informed career choices to the youth amid uncertainties brought about by job and skills mismatch. It is for this reason that guidance counseling practitioners in the province have been organized as the Advocates for Career and Education Support, Inc. (ACESI) Laguna to better promote an effective career guidance advocacy program.

This year, members of the ACESI-Laguna were gathered by DOLE Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio to provide a clear perspective on the current labor market for a collaboration of efforts in addressing the glaring mismatch between in-demand jobs and available skills. The Assembly of Guidance Counselors and Career Advocates in Laguna was held on 10 December 2019 at the San Pedro Relocation Center National High School. At least 60 career advocates attended the gathering to show their commitment in the career advocacy program year after year.

What has delighted the attendees is the series of learning sessions including Jobsfit 2020 Labor Market Information, Responsive Employability Framework, and the Role of Career Guidance and Employment Coaching in Shaping the Future Workforce.

The event was likewise an opportunity to look back on the accomplishments of the organization through its group of hardworking officers set to take a bow for the last time. In 2019, there was an overwhelming number of career guidance and employment coaching activities conducted in the province. As a new set of officers assumes into office led by the Incoming President, Ms. Filipina Byrd from DepEd’s Division of Laguna, the group is optimistic that it can further sustain its track record of achieving the yearly deliverables.

All this was made possible by DOLE Laguna Employment Focals, Ms. Daisy G. Ramos and Ms. Maria Cristela Caspillan working together to organize the event.

Now with an even more active ACESI-Laguna, more and more students could meet their CGs not as disciplinary officers but career advocates ready to give guidance for informed career choices.




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