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DOLE IV-A Union Officers ‘Do Their Part,’ Donate Face Shields and Vitamin C for DOLE IV-A Employees

The spirit of unity and camaraderie remained strong and high in the Department of Labor and Employment Regional Office IV-A (DOLE IV-A) amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being required to physically report to work on a flexible working arrangement, employees of DOLE IV-A never let the community quarantine prevent them continuously serve the public through their various programs and services.

With this, the DOLE IV-A Employees’ Union recently donated 1,200 pieces of face shields and 7,500 pieces of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) for the employees of DOLE IV-A relative to the government’s requirement for people to keep their faces covered in public amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want the employees to be protected in order to save lives,” said Angela Lapis, DOLE IV-A Employees’ Union President. “Because we want to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 in our organizational setting. We want our employees to be ‘shielded’.

“We are very grateful to the Department of Science and Technology for giving us face shields in order to answer the need for supply of personal protective equipment (PPEs) for the frontline workers.” Lapis added.

Lapis highlighted that these face shields and vitamins will be used by all DOLE IV-A personnel including job orders and security guards to fight COVID-19.

The Union Officers are very hopeful that some of the measures being taken by the Office will mitigate the pandemic. They are really grateful for employees putting up with the challenges they are facing each day. By doing the protocols, they really are helping the Office and by helping the Office all personnel will be able to take care of their clients and families.

The face shields and vitamins were turned over to Ms. Ina Lou Floirendo, DOLE IV-A IMSD Chief and Ms. Liza Castillo, DOLE IV-A Supply Officer last June 11.

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