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DOLE Laguna Settles Php1M Employment Dispute

With social distancing as the new norm, it is not surprising to see a long queue of workers waiting for their turn at the Single-Entry Approach (SEnA) Desk to share their stories of struggle. It was not until they reach main doors when a glimpse of what they are about to tell suddenly reveals itself as they write down workplace concerns on the logbook. Apparently, the long line of workers had an axe to grind with a manufacturing company.

DOLE IV-A Regional Director Henry John S. Jalbuena understands the importance of giving workers an opportunity to vent their issues with the management in hopes of resolving all these at the soonest possible time. To this end, Laguna Provincial Director Guido R. Recio made sure that workers, whether disgruntled or simply confused, can have access to SEnA one way or another. The Bureau of Labor Relations has recently developed a system to handle complaints across several platforms.

For regular workers relying on daily wage to put food on the table, three months of economic lockdown can bring an immeasurable disturbance on the household budget. How much more anxious can they get after having been placed in floating status for several more? This scenario marred with uncertainty has prompted some 40 workers to line up before the DOLE Office to summon their employer for clarification. They were employed by a contractor deployed to a manufacturing company.

It is noteworthy that workers employed by contractors/subcontractors can only be put into floating status for a period of three months under Department Order 174-17. Otherwise, they will have to be retrenched with separation pay.

SEnA Desk Officer Herbert M. Matre wasted no time in facilitating settlement of the complaint. In talks with the management, the workers settled for retrenchment with the release of backpay and separation pay. Next thing they knew, all 41 employees were able to receive their monetary claims amounting to Php945,774.98 in total. Several others are set to receive their claims, too.

These workers may also claim their unemployment insurance from the Social Security Service upon certification by the DOLE Provincial Office. Displaced workers who wish to start a small business may further avail of livelihood assistance under the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program. Nonetheless, they can always opt to look for another job.

Chances are, the long wait in line paid off so that they will no longer have to anxiously await the turnout of events whether or not they will be asked to return to work sometime in the future.


Rudyboy R. Sinay
Labor Information Officer
DOLE Laguna Provincial Office

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